Australian Social Policy Quiz Answers

What would do the most to reduce illicit drug-related deaths in Australia?

  • Decriminalisation of currently illicit drugs

It is near universally accepted within the alcohol and drug sector that criminalisation of currently illicit drugs is a major barrier to harm reduction interventions and health management of drug-related issues.

Which of the following should be a priority to help reduce family violence?

  • Increased research and evaluation of programs currently being used to reduce family violence

Despite being viewed as a political priority very little is known about what interventions are most effective in reducing family violence. Limitations of current programs – including gendered analysis approaches – are explored here.

Which of the following interventions is most likely to ‘close the gap’ of life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians?

  • Setting clear targets for housing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

 The Close the Gap Steering Committee has made it very clear that access to housing is one of the key priorities to closing the gap in life expectancy.

Which of the following interventions is most likely to reduce the rate of youth suicides in Australia?

  • Funding more school-based programs to teach emotional intelligence and resilience skills to young people

Of all the proposals for suicide prevention, school-based programs have the most evidence behind them. However, not all school-based programs are created equal. We need to ensure schools are using evidence-based programs which build protective skills in young people.

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