The overall cost of crime in Australia amounts to nearly $32 billion per year, but for many of the victims of crime the costs are incalculable.

Government and organisational responses to crime focus too heavily on criminal law enforcement, without sufficient consideration of evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation.

Jarryd has provided advice on crime to government agencies, organisations as well as commentary on diverse topics from gender and violence, violence in the media, alternatives to prison, sex offender registries, reasons for bushfire arson, alcohol and violence and so-called ‘African gangs’.

As well as his expertise in crime and illicit drugs, Jarryd has also provided research and advice on the use of forensic expertise within criminal trials.

Project example #1:
As part of ongoing work with 360Edge, Jarryd assisted in a comprehensive evaluation of ‘What Works’ in alcohol and other drug treatment for prisoners. The report notes that not all interventions are created equal for prison populations and that for certain sub-populations, including young people and those from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, research is lacking.

Project example #2:
As part of an ad-hoc advisory role for the Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative, an organisation dedicated to reviewing claims of wrongful conviction, Jarryd developed a protocol to assist in weighing the strength of forensic techniques used within criminal cases.

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