Drug use is a major concern for communities, in particular the impact of drug-related harms of overdose, dependence, psychosis and (in some cases) violence.

As someone who understands the psychopharmacology of alcohol and other drugs as well as the effectiveness of policy interventions, Jarryd can provide evidence-based advice on harm reduction.

As part of 360Edge, a specialist alcohol and other drug consultancy, Jarryd has assisted in comprehensive reviews of alcohol and other drug services as well as government, not-for-profit and community interventions to reduce harms.

Jarryd has also assisted as an ‘ad-hoc’ consultant for a variety of organisations from Harm Reduction Victoria to Cracks In The Ice on policy matters.

Jarryd has provided commentary on diverse drug-related topics including cannabis law reform, pill-testing at music festivals, welfare drug testing, and hallucinogens.

Project example:
Jarryd was engaged by the UK-based Adam Smith Institute to provide a comprehensive review of evidence regarding drug checking facilities (known in Australia as ‘safe injecting rooms’). The resulting report summarises the international evidence-base for the intervention and was used to lobby MPs for law reform.

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