Jarryd Bartle specialises in eye-catching content writing focusing on legal explainers, crime and morbid topics.

My content marketing strategy is focused on two categories of clients: professional ghouls and eye-catchers.

Professional Ghouls

Aimed at businesses that have an association with crime, death or medico-legal matters such as law firms, private investigators, funeral homes, forensic experts and government agencies. These businesses prefer ‘expert explainer’ pieces which demonstrate their high level of knowledge on a topic.


Aimed at businesses that know a morbid topic will attract a lot of interest to their website.  Jarryd cam find a ‘hook’ between a topic and the kind of business being engaged to attract an audience.

Some examples:

  • A newsletter piece for a private pathology lab on how the Golden State Killer was discovered through the use of new form of data sharing between DNA laboratories.
  • A blog for an insurance company on the forensic psychology behind arsonists.
  • A fact sheet for a large retailer on how to deter shoplifting.

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