Jarryd has worked as a paid consultant, providing advice to government, businesses and community organisations on his specialist areas of expertise including consensual injury, censorship and harm reduction services for illicit drug use.

Some project examples:

  • Jarryd assisted in a comprehensive evaluation of ‘What Works’ in regard to ‘drug checking’ or pill testing at music festivals. The resulting evaluation report notes various models for drug checking services utilised internationally and outlines the evidence supporting their use.

  • Jarryd was engaged by a top-tier management consultancy firm to advise on the risks associated with running an adult camming website in Australia. Jarryd provided a brief on relevant classification and broadcasting laws as well as an overview of common mistakes made when running an adult media website.

  • Jarryd was engaged by the UK-based Adam Smith Institute to provide a comprehensive review of evidence regarding  safe injecting rooms). The resulting report summarises the international evidence-base for the intervention and was used to lobby MPs for law reform.

  • Jarryd was contacted by law enforcement to assist in a case of family violence within the context of a BDSM relationship. Jarryd provided advice on relevant legal authority on consensual injury and the distinction between kink subcultures and abuse.